MpegTV - Privacy Policy

When you decide to register and use one of MpegTV's free applications (e.g. PocketTV Classic), or register to try the free trial version of one of our commercial applications, you implicitely agree with our privacy policy reflected by this document.

Information we collect

We collect the following information:
  • Personnal information: your email address

  • Information about the software: application name and version.

  • Information about your device: the class of device (e.g. Smartphone, Pocket PC, H/PC etc), the type of processor (ARM, MIPS, SH3 etc) and the device Make and Model.

What we do with your personal information

We treat all our registered users and customers with the respect they deserve. But like most companies, we reserve the right to share the list of registered users with all our strategic partners.

In order to protect your privacy, we require that all our partners sign contracts with very strict rules regarding the use of our email database. All our partners are contractually required to:

  • include an email address opt-out link at the bottom of each mailing that they send.

  • stop sending any mailing to an email address that was opted-out using the link at the bottom of one of their previous mailing, and provide us their opt-out list.

  • treat our email database as highly confidential and not redistribute/sell it to anyone else.
Our partners are liable for very important damages if they don't respect those privacy clauses.

If you opt-out one particular email address and later receive any other email at the same email address, from that same of our partners, please let us know immediately.

We don't provide to our partners the email of customers who have purchased at least one of our products. If a customer used a different email when registering and purchasing, only the email used when purchasing will not be provided to our partners.

What we do with information about the software and about your device

We use this information:
  • to prevent users from registering software versions that are too old, that have knows problems (e.g. could trigger a firmware bug that causes device to lock-up or hard-reset), or that have become obsolete.

  • to provide the user with more specific information about the particular type software they are using (e.g. in the email that we send with the registration key).

  • for statistical purposes (e.g. to know how many people use Smartphones vs Pocket PC's, or what is the most popular model in a class of devices).